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The Perry family occupied the home from around 1910 until 1940 and were the third owners of the property. Mr. Perry operated the local cotton oil gin and was responsible for adding electricity and indoor plumbing to the house.

The first Mrs. Perry (Mr. Perry remarried following her death) taught music and was a featured soloist at the local Methodist church for many years. Mr. Perry was quite an accomplished outdoorsman and was recognized as “the best hunter in the area.”

This room was occupied by “Mamma and Papa,” during the Perry years and is the largest of the bedrooms. The accompanying bathroom was taken from the side attic during the 1987 restoration and contains a 5 ½ foot bathtub (notice the ceiling reflects the roofline).

The Perry Room is located upstairs in the main house and includes;

Two Queen beds

 en suite bathroom

 5 ½ ft. claw foot tub

 Receives afternoon and evening light