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Memoirs of a Young Innkeeper

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There are so many things I want to say that are untold I feel like I could explode! We had a guest stay with us months back who really had an impact on me. The way she asked questions and urged me to explain how I became an innkeeper allowed me spill my story out with no hesitation ( and quite a lot of zeal), I had never expained it so beautifully! When she left, she told me that I needed to start writing and that she believed this is how people would come to relate to our B&B and to what it is like being an innkeeper. That this was my contribution and duty to help inspire others to live the way they want to live.  She explained her job in live was to be an advocate for people and to inspire them. She certainly inspired me. They were gone like the wind, but I think about her every day.

Since then, I keep putting pen to paper but everything gets too confusing or I keep getting stumped on what to say and how to say it. I am not a writer by nature like my husband, so I struggle with worrying about how I sound! But lately I've realized,the only way for me to tell it so beautifully again, is to just be myself. So I am going to start a series of blogs about how we have come to be such young Innkeepers and after that I want to help others aspiring to learn the profession. We learn so much everyday about hosting, and further hosting in the modern era, which is changing dramatically every moment. I want to write about our experiences because we have so many beautiful guests and so many beautiful moments, I feel people need to hear these stories and thoughts. But furthermore, I want to provide a type of modern Manual for innkeepers, one that will help hosts learn from our triumphs and mistakes. There is no perfect host, but a lot to learn for sure!! I feel so inspired to continue ,conversational style, in blogging about various topics that I feel are intriguing about our business and to guests alike. Hopefully after I have spilled enough of my thoughts, I can compile a guide to innkeeping!! I also plan to compile and post more of our favorite recipes and eventually will have a small booklet of the Manor's favorite breakfasts and desserts. ( and all those gluten free and vegan ones too!)

I need to write like I am telling a story. So I'll start with that! Piece by piece little by little seems less intimidating to me and will probably be more interesting to you!

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