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Memoirs of a Young Innkeeper

As we roll into 2015, Bret and I have learned so much about innkeeping this first year here at the Munzesheimer Manor. One thing we thought would be helpful to our guests is a list of Bed and Breakfast etiquette. Let's face it, there is a first time for everything, and we don't expect everyone to understand or know how a B&B works. So here is a list of some things to consider before hitting the road;

  • Make sure you read your confirmation letter, which details all the instructions of how to check in. This will tell you what you need to know upon arrival so you know what to expect.
  • If you need to call rather than booking online, do not call during breakfast hours.  There is nothing worse than having the phone ring while you're dipping for poached eggs!
  • Innkeepers may not have normal business hours, but don't call early in the morning or all hours of the night. Use sound judgement when deciding when to call!
  • Innkeepers do not have much privacy to begin with, so avoid using closed doors and follow the innkeepers instructions as to where the "common areas" are located.
  • If you have allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know prior to your arrival. It is always awkward to find out as breakfast is served.
  • Do not treat the B&B owner like a servant. Innkeepers provide a service, true. But the discerning guest, who treats an innkeeper with respect, will be the one to receive the extras: the option of having coffee before breakfast is served, the most luxurious down pillows, the complementary glass of wine, a gift at departure.
  • Ask questions about the place you are staying. No one knows the locality better than a member of the tourism industry. The innkeeper will be happy to share his/her knowledge and may provide tips not found in guidebooks.
  • When you recommend a B&B to friends, make sure the innkeeper knows about the recommendation. He/she will be more willing to offer a discount on a future stay.

I will continue to add tips for all the B&B goers past, present and future! Don't forget that B&B's are an experience, not just a place to stay :)

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