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Memoirs of a Young Innkeeper

I am sure many of you are wondering, what is Oktoberfest really? Besides the fest in Germany which holds games, serves traditional foods and boasts traditional clothes, BEER is really what most people think about! But it is certainly not just about Beer, it is about tradition, seasons and community and since Munzesheimer is highly in favor of all those things, we had to figure out a way to get involved.

Since Munzesheimer was built by Gustav Munzesheimer, a first generation Jewish German immigrant, we have felt it is not only necessary to learn everything “German”, but to host German events as well! Hence our new beginnings with hosting a yearly Oktoberfest! Ultimately our goal is to share with everyone we know how they can participate in such a loved and honored festival, without having to visit Munich. Without boring everyone to death about the history of Oktoberfest, here is the scoop; Prince Ludwig marries Therese of Saxony in 1810 and decides to throw a major party on the royal grounds. They hosted horse races, served up food and drinks and everyone danced and was merry. Since then, the festival has snowballed into the largest festival in the world. Now it includes parades, beer tents, tapping of the first keg, 12 gun salute, carnival booths, agricultural shows and lots more. Since 1810, the festival has managed to take place every year except for 24 times due to war, disease and emergencies.So how will Munzesheimer emulate this festival you might ask? Here is what we plan to offer the Oktoberfest hungry crowd, besides loads of fun J

BEER- All beer served at Oktoberfest comes from one of the “Big 6” breweries and are carefully prepared for this event. To keep our Oktoberfest as traditional as possible, will be offering one beer, Hofbrau from the Big 6 and Ayinger, an exclusive beer sold solely for Oktoberfest and reviled as one of the best! For more info on these two beers visit;

Music- Music at Oktoberfest is a staple. It builds a culture around the festival itself. Each camp has its own set of music, performers and singers and at the end of the festival one song is chosen as the Oktoberfest song. Bret and I remember this “mantra” like similarity at the South Africa world cup.

Oompah music is the traditional Bavarian music. Many bands play this type of music, especially in the tents in the evenings. However, Oktoberfest music spans from traditional to hard rock and can get pretty wild!

So where do you find German music in Mineola? Well, lucky for us, Rafael and Emmylou Espinoza from the Rafael Espinoza music acadamy will be performing German music live for an hour!! How about that! We will also be streaming Oompah music along with other modern hits!

Food- Food served at Oktoberfest not only compliments the beer, but also represents German traditional plates. Since not all of these plates are known to Americans, we will be serving foods that are not only traditional, but are recognizable by many.

We are fermenting our Sauerkraut now, which will go beautifully with some grilled Brats from a local meat market. For those who have never had German Potato Salad, prepare yourselves for our homemade rendition. Homemade breads and condiments will also be served along with fresh Pretzels.

ClothingWe are encouraging our guests to come dressed Oktoberfest style. Well, until a few weeks ago, I myself had never seen “real clothes” from Oktoberfest, simply Halloween costumes!!! I also thought it would be very expensive to create my own outfit, but after some research, it is very easy to put together a cheap and cute outfit (for men, handsome of course.) Here are two links that will give you an idea of how to dress! Most of these styles can be found at regular stores or Goodwill’s! Whether it’s the old or new look, we welcome and encourage everyone to show some Oktoberfest spirit by dressing the part!

Games- What is a party without games? Well we are big fans of games here at the Manor, so anything we ever do will always have something to play! We are still planning a couple, but the one game that is sure to happen is stein races! We would elaborate tons more on this subject, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise J

Atmosphere- To create an atmosphere most similar to Munich’s Oktoberfest, we will have in our Manor courtyard a tent, banquet table, haystack seating and Oktoberfest décor to go along with the festivities.

That’s it in a nutshell! If you’re needing a break from the world, a refreshing and new experience, come hang out with us for our 1st Annual Oktoberfest. The more the merrier!

See you soon,

Bret and Ashlee Unger

To order tickets by phone; 903-569-6634


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