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I always thought I'd be a teacher, but really deep down I never knew... I had way too many interests growing up. I get bored pretty easily by nature and I like adventure, so I knew whatever career I'd choose, it would be a journey. When I entered college I struggled finding a major because every degree plan I was presented with just didn't seem me. My advisor finally told me I'd best be fit for a Generic studies degree because I could choose my own courses. Bingo! So I chose Anthropology, Psychology and Business as my focuses since I knew I liked people, I liked to observe people and I would always be in business with people. It was a blast, I truly got to know myself and what excited me, Except for when I graduated it seemed I only knew what I really liked but still not a clue as to my profession. 

I studied abroad in Spain my Senior year (which had given me the travel bug), and one thing I learned about myself there was when I was traveling, I was thinking and planning and creating and becoming inspired to do something to take action, to learn, to prepare, to organize just to name a few. If ever in a rut in life I knew that by traveling, I would have clear answers afterwards. I worked for one year after my college graduation until the road called my name. I knew that travel was something I had to do in order to find my direction, and it had to be done alone. In short, I had some soul searching to do. 

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There are so many things I want to say that are untold I feel like I could explode! We had a guest stay with us months back who really had an impact on me. The way she asked questions and urged me to explain how I became an innkeeper allowed me spill my story out with no hesitation ( and quite a lot of zeal), I had never expained it so beautifully! When she left, she told me that I needed to start writing and that she believed this is how people would come to relate to our B&B and to what it is like being an innkeeper. That this was my contribution and duty to help inspire others to live the way they want to live.  She explained her job in live was to be an advocate for people and to inspire them. She certainly inspired me. They were gone like the wind, but I think about her every day.

Table Talk is the soul of a Bed and Breakfast experience. Without it, it just simply isn’t the same. Of course, it’s a vanishing thought and a flicker in the wind compared to our now fast paced digital world, but I feel it is being revived. I remember when my friends and I would spend hours over breakfast chatting about the latest news and travel and relationships (the list goes on). With our feet propped up on the chairs, we would dive into our second coffee press and swim around in our sea of migas as we conjured ideas, dreams and futures. Today, I look back at these memories and I am finding they were crucial in helping me develop a sense of who I am today. This close community of neighbors, friends and roommates whom I shared many of table talk sessions are the very reason I am an innkeeper today.

As we roll into 2015, Bret and I have learned so much about innkeeping this first year here at the Munzesheimer Manor. One thing we thought would be helpful to our guests is a list of Bed and Breakfast etiquette. Let's face it, there is a first time for everything, and we don't expect everyone to understand or know how a B&B works. So here is a list of some things to consider before hitting the road;

I am sure many of you are wondering, what is Oktoberfest really? Besides the fest in Germany which holds games, serves traditional foods and boasts traditional clothes, BEER is really what most people think about! But it is certainly not just about Beer, it is about tradition, seasons and community and since Munzesheimer is highly in favor of all those things, we had to figure out a way to get involved.