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Every Train, passenger and freight has a conductor- the individual with overall responsibility for the entire train. This person is, by definition, the “train boss” who accounts for all freight, passengers, operating schedule and is the official onboard representative of the railroad. In fact, the conductor IS the railroad for all intents and purposes.

The personal railroad items in this room have been loaned by Mrs. Ginger Ingram, the widow of “inky” Ingram, who for many years, was a conductor for the Union Pacific railroad operating out of Mineola.

Mineola continues to be a railroad town to this day and sits on a main east/west route of the Union pacific.

We know you’ll enjoy your “lay over” in this quaint room and will relax in a tub of hot water following your “day on the railroad.”

All aboard!

The Conductor Cottage is located outside across from the main house and includes;

  • King bed

  • En suite Bathroom

  • Claw ft. tub

  • Walk in shower

  • Cable T.V

  • Electric fireplace

  • Mini-fridge

  • Sounds of Nature radio
  • Microwave/coffee pot upon request

  • Wheel chair accessible

  • Receives afternoon sunlight

Rates are based on double occupancy